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D3 - Fuel and Exhausts Everything to do with getting fuel into the engine, and fumes back out again

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Old 22nd January 2009, 08:56 PM
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Default Tuning the 4.2 Litre Petrol ECU

You can download Lemmiwinks from Here!!

Again you need a VAGCOM serial compatible cable although you do not use VAGCOM!

You can tune various parts of the ECU from here. This is NOT a remap, just altering various settings to achieve a more smoother ride.

I can help with the settings, though this is at your own risk and meant for people who already under the principals of tuning. Therefore this is purely a Lemmiwinks guide.

Channel 6 learning adaptation by making it faster can vastly improve performance, though will use more fuel. Simply as the car will respond quicker to a spirited drive, not like a wafty big cruiser....

I suggest full monitoring of knock sensors etc. whilst tuning the rest of the car!!!

Ch01 : Idle Speed Offset
Adjust idle RPM level
- Higher number: increase idle rpm
- Lower number: decrease idle rpm

Ch02 : Fuel Tweak (Accel Pump); Increasing Loads
-This channel adjusts a fuel enrichment under load
-Modulates Throttle Response

Ch03 : Fuel Tweak (Accel Pump); Decreasing Loads
-This channel adjusts a fuel enrichment term coming off the gas or decelerating.

Ch04 : Start Up Fuel Enrich
Amount of fuel on any start ups?
- Higher number: enrich the mix
- Lower number: lean out the mix

Ch05 : Warm Up fuel Enrich
Amount of fuel on start ups E.G. on the first start in the morning?
- Higher number: enrich the mix
- Lower number: lean out the mix

Ch06 : Lambda Regulation
Controls how fast ECU adapts:
- Higher number: faster adaptation
- Lower number: slower adaptation

Ch07 : Additive Offset To Speed Limiter
Controls speed limiter in increments ok 1km/hr

Ch08 : Secondary Fuel Tweak
It adjust gain on the injectors responce
- Higher number will increase the injector responce (smooths the ride)
- Lower number will decrease injector responce (decrease backfires)

Ch09 : Ignition Timing Offset
Controls timing in steps of 0.75 degrees, all RPM range is altered
- Higher number advances timing
- Lower number retards timing

Ch10 : Primary Fuel Tweak
Controls fueling on run, ussually change multiplicative fuel trims
- Higher number enrich the mix
- Lower number lean out the mix

Ch11 : Unused

Ch12 : SEL Scaling (Turbo Cars Only)
Adjust fueling maps according to boost settings
- Higher number increase injection period for higher boost
- Lower number decrease injection period for lower boost

Ch13 : OFF OFF

Ch14 : Idle Torque Additive Offset
Controls engine load at idle
- Higher numbers: spec load at idle is increased
- Lower numbers: spec load at idle is decreased

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Old 17th June 2010, 02:26 PM
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Hi There,

Just came accross this page while searching for "lean" due to mixture too lean errors (just cleaned maf and need to reset and see what happens). However i got sidetracked and started googling and found other newer software




Both can save to disc, which means you can back-up your settings. Also an interesting imoboliser disable (!!!) features !

Alas my net top and vagcom cable are at home - CC also claims to work with any cable !

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Old 22nd June 2010, 09:20 AM
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Yeah Unisettings works with the newer VAGCOM cables mate Hex-Can etc.

Never tried the CC one. Good find!
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Old 8th August 2019, 05:29 PM
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Default Lemmiwinks program

Lemmiwinks to be found here:
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