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Old 21st March 2018, 08:31 AM
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Default Priming the fuel filter using vcds

Hi all.
Just replaced the fuel filter on my d3 A8 4.2 tdi.
I intended using VCDS to operate the fuel pump to prime the system (as recommended).
However, when I go into the ENGINE section and then into the relevant section, code 35 pertains to a brake operation and there is no drop down list to select pump operation.
Any ideas anyone?
Btw, VCDS has correctly linked to and recognised my car.
Graphite grey 2016 q7 3.0 (4m)
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Old 21st March 2018, 08:43 AM
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I used to do what you said with the Passat but on the A8 it says...

Fill new filter with clean diesel fuel. This will enable the engine to start more quickly.

Bleeding fuel system
Due to the design of the engine, with a fuel system pressurisation pump located in the fuel tank, it is not necessary to bleed the fuel system.
The fuel system bleeds itself when the starter is operated.

So I just get a bit of diesel (~300ml) in a clean bottle or jar when filling up and fill the filter with a clean jug (very important no particles get into this diesel). You could probably use paraffin if you have some.
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Old 5th April 2018, 02:02 PM
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Or if the same as the 4.2TDI - just crank it, takes <20 seconds to self prime an empty filter
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