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Old 5th August 2019, 09:29 PM
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Default DVD Changer Retrofit

Audi DVD Changer retrofit

Hey guys, this is a guide for retrofitting a 6 DVD changer to your Audi A8 4H (D4) 2015 facelift on a right hand drive model.

I managed to find the DVD changer for a very good price on eBay which made interested in retrofitting this to my vehicle. It is fairly straightforward install. The DVD unit fits in the top section of the glove box where the cubby storage is. The DVD changer can be fitted with or without the TV tuner system. Since I retrofitted the TV, I created the wiring to work along with it.

The wiring can be as easy or difficult as you wish to do it but I chose to do the difficult way because I wanted to do the wiring to factory standards which meant the power wire had to be routed to the fuse box at the back of the rear passenger seats. As for the Ground and Diagnosis wiring, I piggy backed them from the main harness of the MMI unit in the middle of the centre console.

Parts needed:

• Audi 6 DVD changer P/N: 4H0035108F.
• 8 pin connector for DVD changer P/N: 3B0972724.
• 1m fakra cable.
• 1m MOST fibre optic cable.
• MOST fibre optic cable splitter.
• 8mm & 10mm sockets
• Stereo removal keys
• Female terminal cable assemblies for the DVD driver connector.(https://www.automotive-connectors.co...m2-yellow.html)
• 4.5mm split Corrugated plastic conduit for running the cables into.
• 16 gauge wires. I chose white for power, black for ground and purple for diagnosis.

Let's get started...


Quite straight forward. For the MOST splitter I needed 2 females and 1 male connector. To strengthen and to protect the fibre optic cables, I placed them in the corrugated plastic conduit. I also prepared the ground and diagnosis cables and placed together in the conduit to tidy up the wiring clutter. The wiring diagram and pin assignment of the DVD changer is below as well.

I forgot to take pictures of the completed power, ground and diagnosis cable.

A few pictures of the DVD drive

Now onto the car

Few pictures of the interior

The task involves removing the glove box, fuse box panels on both sides of the dash, driver side lower panel trim, the MMI control unit in the middle, Passenger side lower A pillar trim panel, Passenger side Lower B pillar, Rear Sill panel trim, Rear lower seat bench, Rear passenger seat backrest and the back panel of the boot to reveal the electronics.

Remove the Fuse box panels using a flat bladed trim tool.

Now remove the driver side lower panel trim. There are 4 size 8mm bolts to remove then pull the panel forward with some gentle force.. might take a few attempts but it will gradually come off. Disconnect all the wiring for the headlight controls, OBD connector and foot well LED light.

Now we remove the glove box. There are two bolts next to the fuse box area, 2 at the bottom and 3 at the front inside of the glove box. After that, with a gentle push, the glove box comes off and disconnect the wiring to pull it out of the car.

To obtain more working space, go ahead and remove the ventilation duct by removing the torx 25 screw and unplug the temperature sensor, then pull out.

We are now ready to remove the MMI unit. It is very important to cover up the centre console with a thick cloth to prevent scratches to the lovely and glossy buttons!
We need to remove a few trims to be able to get to the slots for the removal keys. The cover surround trim and flap needs to be removed by removing one bolt on the driver side then using a flat trim tool, pop them out. There are two bolts to remove to take out the cover flap.

We can now pull out the MMI unit. Slide in the removal keys on both sides, pull out the unit and disconnect the wirings at the back.

Wiring harness set up

We now start to install the wiring. Black will tap into the brown ground connection and Purple will tap into the Diagnosis connection. The fakra cable will connect the video from the DVD changer to the MMI control unit. This means that the existing fakra video connection from the TV tuner will need to be routed into the DVD changer itself. This will require some work if you have factory installed TV such as a fakra extension cable from the main wiring to the DVD changer.

Remove the brown connector block for the diagnosis connection. We are tapping into the green/violet coloured cable on Pin 7. Piggy back the connection and using some tape, secure the connection then plug the cable back in the connector.

Same method for the ground.. we are interested in the brown cable in the main quad lock connector.

Then connect and feed in the Fakra splitter to the back of the mmi unit's cage.
Reconnect all the wiring, including the video fakra connection which will go to the DVD changer and reinstall the MMI unit in its place.

Now we can route the wiring to the DVD changer. I zip tied the loom to the factory wiring. For the power wire, i placed it in a lengthy wiring conduit alongside the video cable from the DVD changer to the TV tuner at the rear which i routed along the main wiring harness on the side of the car. This requires the lower A pillar trim, B Pillar trim and Rear Sill panels to be removed. I will post pictures from ETKA on how to remove those at the very bottom of the guide.

Tapping into the fuse box

For this we need to get to the brown fuse block ST6 and create a terminal connection at slot 6. Don't forget to disconnect the battery before unplugging the rear electronics. We need to disconnect most of the ecu's and remove the bracket in order to luck the wiring loom well to the fuse box. Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of the tedious task due to the location a little deep inside the boot. Removing the rear armrest storage box makes the task much easier..so go ahead and remove it.

Once the power wiring is done, put everything back together and reconnect battery. If you have VCDS, clear up any fault codes there may be in the ecu's. Component Protection will definitely need to be removed otherwise the uninterrupted playback of the movies will be affected. Here are a few shots of the completed job.

ETKA Removal Guides

I do hope you find this guide useful and any feedback will appreciated..

2010 Audi A8 4E Quattro Sport TDI Oyster Grey

2015 Audi A8 4H Sport Executive Quattro in Monsoon Grey

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Old 6th August 2019, 07:48 AM
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Well done.
Thanks for this very impressive guide.

I was struggling to find a guide to wire my phone holder in. So last Saturday purchased ETKA and managed to do what I wanted in 20 minutes.
All my work was done by lowering the driver side lower panel and the right hand fuse box cover.
Ray at Wigan Pier

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Old 6th August 2019, 08:21 AM
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Thanks for taking the time to do a great write up with loads of photos - I'm sure it'll not only come in useful for this retrofit, but also for various jobs involving trim removal etc.

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Old 15th August 2019, 08:06 PM
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Nice write up Neel. Great detail

I've seen Neel's car and handy work in the flesh and it's very impressive.

Keep up the good work and I'm sure when more D3 owners move on to D4's this thread will prove to be very useful
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Old 16th August 2019, 12:25 AM
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But Neel needs to finish off with a shot of his best movie on his mmi screen
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dvd changer, mmi, retrofit

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