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Old 12th March 2018, 04:31 PM
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Default 5F 2G/3G question?

Hi there,

I have a 2011 A8 4.2TDi that I found out recently has had a 'new' 5F unit fitted at some point before I bought it.

I don't know what version the original one was all I know is it went into an Audi dealer to be software updated at the owners request and ever since then there has only been 2G showing in the display.

The last owner is 100% certain that he used to get 3G with a GifGaf SIM until the update and I use an O2 4G SIM taken from my iPhone but only ever get 2G in the car.

The dealer apparently tried his GifGaf SIM that is known to work on 3G in an Audi but only sees 2G in my car.

VCDS reports my 5F unit as follows;

Address 5F: Information Electr. Labels: 4E0-035-6xx-5F.clb
Control Module Part Number: 4H0 035 654 B HW: 4H0 035 670 C
Component and/or Version: H-BNT-EU H41 1034
Software Coding: 020101000001F9EF7D368B1E00000003080001000000000000

Do any of you have 3G working in your car and if so what are the 5F details please?

I am wondering why I see both 4H0 035 654 B and 670 C as part number and hardware versions?

Also would be interested in Component version & Software coding to compare to mine.

After doing some research I *think* I have a handle on why it might not be displaying 3G but the previous owner is adamant that it was OK before it went into Audi last year for a software update which probably kicks my theory into touch!

It has been back to Audi since I have had it no no avail but I believe all that was done was the same software upgrade the car had the previous time and they had the car a whole day for the privilege.

They tell me they are 'willing to discuss this with Brand' which I take to mean they will follow this up with Audi GmbH but that was last October and they want the car back in for yet another day and want to charge me £60 diagnostic fee for the privilege for something they might have screwed up in the first place and have kept me waiting for a resolution since October last year which I think is taking the ****!

On a related note the same Audi dealer also want to charge me £25 for the courtesy loan car while they have mine in for another day for a full service (£500) set of tyres (£800) discs & pads all round (£1200) MOT (£50 without any remedials) plus £60 each just to diagnose a clunking n/s/f suspension, the 2G/3G issue and some other bits & pieces.

Not happy so have already had the MOT & tyres done and am in the process of getting quotes for brakes & service elsewhere.

That will just leave them the 2G/3G issue to sort...a fine example of being penny wise/pound foolish IMHO missing out on @£3k of service work for the sake of charging me £25 for a courtesy loan vehicle.

Thanks & kind regards,

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Old 12th March 2018, 04:52 PM
GlynH GlynH is offline
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I've just found a post from Paul in another thread detailing his original vs new 5F unit where the newer unit seems to have the 'older' Component/Version number?


Old listed as H48 0798 vs H43 0939 listed underneath for new?

By way of comparison Paul's new 5F shown here on 1st line - mine on 2nd line:

Part No SW: 4H0 035 654 HW: 4H0 035 670 C
Part No SW: 4H0 035 654 B HW: 4H0 035 670 C

Component: H-BNT-EU H43 0939
Component: H-BNT-EU H41 1034

Coding: 020101000001F9EF7516AB1E00000003000001000000000000
Coding: 020101000001F9EF7D368B1E00000003080001000000000000

Mine is similar but I notice the coding is also slightly different...I wonder if that is enough to make the difference or not?

Hmmm...what a pity we couldn't upgrade the SIM module to a 4G LTE device from a different model.


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Old 12th March 2018, 07:48 PM
paulrstaylor paulrstaylor is offline
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You can change the radio module within the 5f, the issue is that there isnít an LTE 4G module that is a direct fit..... some seem to have made it work, maybe using an adaptor board or even getting handy with tha soldering iron - but I couldn5 find a clear English view of how or what and figure by the time 3G is phased out (likely before 2G and LTE, to make way for 5G adoption) I will probably be in another car......
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Old 22nd March 2018, 04:54 PM
GlynH GlynH is offline
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Yeah that's a real shame especially as the A3, A6 & A7 have 4G LTE where the top of the range A8 doesn't.

I guess the D5 will have this sorted.

Paul, if you ever find a 4G solution for the 5F in the A8 please be sure to let me know!

Oh and I finally sorted the 2G/3G problem in my 2011 D4 so I now have 3G!

I part exchanged the car for a 2014 Facelift!

The 5F module details in the 2014 Facelift are as follows if anyone else might stumble across this in the future;

Part Number: 4H0 035 670 P HW: 4H0 035 670 P
Component: H-BNT-EU H47 0798
Coding: 020101000001F9EF7D368B1E00000003080001000000000000


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Old 22nd March 2018, 09:47 PM
GlynH GlynH is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2009
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Another thing with the 2014 Facelift is the Lap Timer now actually works!

Unlike the 2011 when the Lap Timer was activated from VCDS it just gave a dummy entry in the list that didn't actually do anything.

Now when you select the lap timer you get the lap timer itself with all its options of lap, split, statistics etc, oil temperature & boost guage.


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