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Old 5th June 2016, 12:30 PM
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a little update
after a few days the warning light came back on im afraid and the original fault code was still there

with this in mind i decided to change the second pressure temp sensor
(brown plug)
got my car up in the air and quickly discovered that unless you have a very very thin walled deep socket , you will not get this sensor off the car

i then had a friend who is a very very good machinist mill my own 27mm deep socket down so as the wall is only 0.5mm thick

took a couple of hours to set up and machine but it was worth it as i have now finally been able to swap the second sensor

after this has been done you need to go into settings and transfer the oil and temp sensor settings from vcds

then unplug vcds for 2 minutes

reconnect and go into security section
input security code and go into output tests

fill lines
bleed lines
pressure test

i can also now confirm the original information from the audi dealer is incorrect

there are two different types of oil in the sports diff

one is for the actual gear diff fluid
the other is hydraulic atf fluid (G060 162 a2)

looking from the back of the car the atf inspection is on the left hand side of the diff
looking from the back of the car the diff oil inspection is on the right hand side of the diff

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Old 8th June 2016, 04:36 AM
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a couple of pictures of the problem
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