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Old 4th April 2021, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by 27litres View Post
I'm devastated to hear this, and I'm sorry to everyone that I haven't come across this thread before now.

Ray, I'm sorry your words are no longer the last, but I have to pay my own respects to Mark.

Always a great one for banter, I enjoyed interacting with him on this forum, and often played on the fact that my car was never clean, unlike his!
I'm disappointed that I can no longer entertain the idea of meeting him some day, he was a great contributer to this forum, and by all accounts a great bloke in general.
He struck me as quite young, but I never did learn his age. As has been said before, life is not fair.

I hope he now gets to find the answer to the "Meaning Of Life The Universe And Everything".
Rest in Peace Moltuae

Thank You Marty for your kind words. I will pass them on to Lyn in the morning.
Mark was only 50 and a really top bloke.
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Old 9th April 2021, 02:24 PM
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Default Remembering Mark - follow-up.

A quick update on this. At Mark's funeral last month, Ray, Jim, Nick and I discussed a number of things regarding marking Mark's passing, one of which was putting together a short photo memorial book for Lyn, as a mark of the friendship and appreciation of Mark from all on here who knew him and benefited from what he brought to this forum.

I then asked for photo contributions from a number of those on here who knew him well, including Michaela, Sean, Nick, Bert and Brian/Connor, and we've now got a first draft of this memorial book ready, which we are aiming to finalise shortly.

Given Mark's unassuming nature, there aren't hundreds of good photos of him that we have collectively between us, but we think we've probably got the best of these. However we may have missed a few, so if I've not already been in contact with you and you feel you have one or two which we could add to this book, then please could you PM me on here.

We would hope to be able to share the final version of this on here when completed in the near future - and thanks again to those who've already helped put together this draft.

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