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Old 22nd October 2020, 02:47 PM
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Interesting journey.....Long time since I had my S8 but i did swap the head unit in it for a high end Kenwood flip out unit as the sat nav was soooo dated even back then. I've still got the unit but it's roughly installed in my Jeep as that had a very dated unit too. Has a music keg phatbox with flac, iPod, usb and a separate break out unit that would take video and all sorts. Was a bit of a pain to install as i needed to run the wires all the way to the boot of the car, needing a coat hanger to feed them through tricky spots and taking out the back seats to even access a route through!

The bose was tricky iirc and it needed some suppressor or impedance matching thing to make it work. I also initially got the wiring wrong which would leave the boss amp on and drain the battery

About the only thing i never got quite to my liking was steering wheel control. I looked a few times at swapping steering wheels but never quite made the jump - Irritatingly the stereo was in the wrong position in relation to the steering wheel to use a cheap remote. That does however work in my jeep. Little stick on the back of the steering wheel thing and works with IR, nice and hidden and SO useful!

Love the OEM style look to the facia though. Mine was some trimmed back cardboard

Also did a silly install in my RX8, fitting a Nexus pad into a rotating sat nav unit. That looked cool, but never quite did get the powering correct using OTG cables and a usb dac, but that could use all sorts of different sat nav, audio players and all sorts. Even have a wifi ODB2 adapter which would work with Torque and the like and give cool displays of revs and stuff!
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