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Old 21st June 2018, 10:16 PM
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Default Brake assist+ Other Tech

Just to ask, D4 has been around a long time, has anyone any stories of the tech in these cars saving their bacon or averting a crash?
I've had the brake assist come on and it was more of a "WTF was that?" moment while I was obviously braking for the car in front.
Likewise does lane assist do more than rumble strips in the real world?
Just curious for the long term owners point of view.
Has night vision saved a badger or two?
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Old 11th October 2018, 09:48 PM
funkmiester funkmiester is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 48

Ok I can answer my own question. A1, full up with family 5 on board off to wedding. Van in front, the two cars in front of him collided, van slammed on, just missing the accident. I ended up about 4" from the van. The car braked before I did. So yes, it works and is awesome. It saved the car and the family from a shunt. I've done about 3K miles now and would say you would have a hard job getting me into a daily (long distance) work driver without radar cruise. You have to learn how to drive with it but it it just brilliant when you have 200 miles to go late on friday night tired on the way home. The D4 has really found a place in our hearts. And as for the family wagon R320 Mercedes it has a persistent battery drain issue. Which is intermittent. The wife would rather I sold it to a couple of "travelling gentlemen" who put a lowball cash offer on it a few weeks back before its latest round of failures. I laughed then, at their offer. I'm feeling kind of remorseful now as it's about to go to we buy any car or the auctions because SHE says it needs to go NOW. (I concur). All of this means we have our D2 S8 back on the road as a classic car. Taking the place of the R-wagon for pottering about while I'm away. A D4 4.2D and a D2 S8 make a formidable pair. Both of which put the extraordinarily bad engineering (playdoh engineering) of the merc into context. I has a 1983 S class and it was epic for may reasons. This R-Class is an embarrassing (and expensive) legacy. good riddance. Anyone want to by an R-class?
S8FRD 2002 D2 S8 on LPG 213K just passed MOT, again, no issues. Owned since 2007
**60*** Unicorn, 2012 D4 Havana Black, 4.2TDI ~60K miles Cream Leather, £25K of Factory extras including B+O Owned since 04/2018
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Old 12th October 2018, 12:34 AM
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Itís good to hear these things as it reassures us potential d4 buyers to consider.
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Old 12th October 2018, 11:07 AM
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Yeah, it is a reassuring system to have in place.

My S5 has presense galore, and I do genuinely feel more safe driving it - Its always watching even if I'm slightly distracted.

I think the later systems are less shy about anchoring on if they sense bad things happening, and in a good way. Early Adaptive cruise was best at home on motorway runs, but modern pre sense is as much about being round town and pedestrian safety as it is your on a motorway.

I though it would intrusive and annoying, but I would feel alone with it now
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