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Old 10th January 2015, 01:01 AM
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Default had the car remapped

have had my d4 a few months now and wanted to do a few mods to it

a friend of mine has very kindly remapped it for me

WOW what a differance , i thought the v8 diesel engine was torquey allready
but after the remap its relentless

highly reccomended mod
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Old 10th January 2015, 10:01 AM
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Whilst that's an interesting start, it'd be nice if you mentioned some or all of the following. Who did it, what were the before and after engine outputs and MPG's, what did it involve and what did it cost................?

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Old 10th January 2015, 10:52 AM
andycaca andycaca is offline
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and how much more boost is it running?
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Old 15th January 2015, 12:33 PM
nath nath is offline
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figures wise i could not tell you
as the car was not put on a rollingroad before or afterwards

you have a choice of 2 options a map including the dpf filters
or a map and correct programming with the dpf filters removed

i have not had the dpf filters removed at this point but it may well be in future that i do have them removed

to remap the car is quite a long process as it cannot be done via the obd port

to start with the ecu,s need to be removed and on the v8 tdi there are 2 off them

they are both underneath the front plastic scuttle which attaches to the bottom of the windscreen
one is mounted vertically but at about a 30 degree angle on the drivers side
this one is quite easy to remove as the plugs are accessible

the second is in the centre , underneath a large aluminium crossbrace which is attached at around 8 differant points
this one is not so easy to access and is even more difficult to remove the connecting plugs

once the ecu,s were off they were marked up accordingly and
read with specialist equipment
the files were read and checked to make sure there were no anomolies before hand
the cases were then opened up very carefully and prepared so as the remapped file could be written back to the ecu

these were then checked with the computer and again by re-installing them on the car
after the car is fired up they are removed again and resealed to ensure no water or foreign objects will be able to get into the cases

after this the ecu,s are re-installed permanently and all the crossbracing and covers replaced and tightened up

on first testing its terrible weather with wind howling and rain pouring
but eventually an opportunity avails itself and the car is booted

the car is that torquey it is spinning the wheels in 2nd and 3rd gear under hard acceleration the weather is not helping
but overall a big difference can be felt in how hard the car pulls

the friend who has done this for me has a website
and is capable of doing the vast majority of cars
his website address is http://www.ccctech.co.uk/

my car is the first d4 he has done and he is aware now it is a full day to install the remap on the car
please message him regarding costs

happy to answer any more questions
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Old 15th January 2015, 10:17 PM
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Your chip tuning friend could do with putting his address on his site, and joining his 'contact' button to a contact page
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Old 16th January 2015, 09:06 AM
A8 Doc A8 Doc is offline
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Tell your friend to upgrade to CMD equipment. You can do EDC17CP44 ECU1 and ECU2 by the OBD port then!
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