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Old 17th February 2022, 09:01 PM
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Default New Tyres

I love getting new tyres. Not the cost of course but knowing you're riding on new rubber in the best condition. At least until its done a few miles on our pock marked roads.
Something new to me is the addition of thick foam pads stuck to the inner face of the tyre tread surface (see pict.) Sound proofing I guess.

On the D4 some idiot at Audi HQ decided it was acceptable to locate the wheel locking nut underneath the spare. With the only way to access it by removing the spare, which is an unwieldy and heavy object.
Naturally owners, once having experienced it, avoid the inconvenience by keeping the nut key elsewhere. Consequently I could not find it, and Audi were no help with a replacement.
Fortunately it turned up in a niche inside the glove box. I've now put it with the spare, but on top not underneath.

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Old 18th February 2022, 07:05 AM
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Also interesting how the foam pads are all different sizes, the same as tread blocks. I wonder how much difference they actually make? Are they noticeably quieter than other tyres?

I hate buying new tyres! Its a bit like buying a new phone - very expensive and if you get it wrong you have to live with it for ages. When I find a tyre (or phone) that I like I tend to stick with them for as long as possible but when the manufacturers bring out new ones faster than I wear out the old ones its very tricky. Those Pirellis look pretty good
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Old 18th February 2022, 07:49 AM
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I imagine the foam will help drop the tyre into a noise band lower at the time of testing - I'd be amazed if they're still in place by the time the tyre comes off the wheel again! Be interesting in the event of a puncture to see how reliable it's been after x miles.
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Old 18th February 2022, 07:56 AM
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I've have "silents" (i.e foam-filled) variants on both my Tesla and S8, though I haven't put a "new" tyre on any of my cars for about five years now . They do make a bit of a difference - possibly more noticeable on the Tesla due to its quieter nature - but it's not massive.

One reported (but not real!) downside is the complication of these silencing pads when it comes to puncture repairs: a number of tyre shops - typically the "majors" like Kwikfit - have been known to say that such tyres aren't repairable, regardless of where the puncture is. This isn't the case - it's just more complicated for them, as they often need to remove the foam filler above the hole to seal/fix the puncture and replace the foam, so don't fall for that one, and just shop around if you need to, rather than wasting s on unnecessary new rubber (though the usual caveats apply about not trying to fix punctures in sidewalls etc, of course...)

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