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D2 - Fuel and Exhausts Everything to do with getting fuel into the engine, and fumes back out again

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Old 6th August 2020, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ainarssems View Post

If the cats are I would just cut out flexi piece and weld a new one in. Cheaper and you get to keep original cats.
My TTS came with an advisory for a blowing exhaust - it was the flexi section at fault. I got a local exhaust place to drop the exhaust, cut out the flexi section and weld in a new one. The larger exhaust companies couldnít be bothered, but a small independent was happy to do it. The costs were mostly labour - it was around £ 150-180 IIRC, just a few weeks ago.
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Planned mods: auto-dimming rear view mirror, dash cam (as steamship's), fit the ski hatch, refit philips drl's (or maybe not).
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Old 7th August 2020, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Laird View Post
I think Davidís has aftermarket sports cats as well and he also has the EML light issue. But, IIRC, the fitter can put in little spacers for the sensors to take them out of the flow of the exhaust and this, apparently, stops the light coming on. One of my cats is starting to rattle, so Iím interested to see how you get on
The after "sports" cats fitted on mine before i bought it in 2012, failed test in 2017 after many months of EML light indicating. The cats I replaced it with were 200cell sport cats provided by C+C Custom Stainless Exhausts of Glasgow. They have proved all good up to now at MoTs and i have had no EML indications. Not cheap at £528 the pair but they have done the job.
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Old 10th August 2020, 10:00 AM
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Iíve had an after market on mine for a couple of years. It triggers the EML but makes zero difference to the carís performance.

Come MOT time I get it turned out, get the MOT done, and move on.

THe cat was £250 from Catman UK and whilst smaller than the OEM ones, hasnít given me any problems.
2002 S8 Aqua Pearl, entirely original apart from FE 20" OEM wheels and Milltek exhaust.

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Old 10th August 2020, 02:40 PM
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Following on from Adrian reply.
I have just sent 2 X my OEM cats to Germany.
A Company called KFZ-Technik SEUBERT who are based in Pforzheim
As Adrian stated, these are as close as close to OEM as you can get.
Mine were repacked with two 400 cell units in each cat
They cut open the OEM cats, weld in an additional bracket and then repack with two new units. They then reweld and spray units with antirust spray
They then posted back to me.
Cost for carrying this work out, including posting back was 767.13 euros (£710)
Postage to them from the UK cost me £56 including insurance.
Not fitted them to the car yet, but they look good and ready to go.
They returned refurbed cats within 10 days.
Contact me if you need more info
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Full Cat Back Stainless Milltek exhaust, giving a great V8 burble :
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Old 10th August 2020, 04:09 PM
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That's actually pretty good considering you'll still have factory fitment afterwards. I think Vera went to the same company when her S8 spat one of the cats out of the tailpipe last year.
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Old 12th August 2020, 01:58 PM
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Well, Iíve elected for a 2 year guaranteed aftermarket (not at all sporty) cat to replace the ailing unit. The cat Box itself is fractionally shorter and has a little smaller diameter So clearly has a bit less actual cat material. Just the process of unbolting the manifold and slowly withdrawing the old unit was enough to fracture the flex joint so it was hanging together with good luck. Astonishingly the manifold studs (2 of which we little more than a nub left after the nut) all came undone without snapping which made something I was expecting to be a mare of a job replacing the studs a darn sight easier. That being said if anyone wants help to tackle the passenger side cat on a 2.8 whilst laid on their back unfortunately...erm... Iím busy washing my hair.....

The price of a flexi and then having it put into a 20+ year old (and rusty) old pipe wasnít a much of a saving on the aftermarket, would have made the car unusable for a few days and as the cat may have been already on its last legs I think a new shiny option was wisest. I can always have this old one repaired now itís off the car if I want. The aftermarket fitted very well, it was lacking the after cat resonator box (originals had a very tiny box just after the cat?) but is perfectly quiet and sealed up ok and on the test drive I had (manufacturer recommends a gentle drive of 8 or so miles to heat cycle the cat) no warning lights, funny smells, rattles or otherwise. Hopefully next MoT will show nice shiny emissions but for the surprisingly low price I paid, Iíve no complaints thus far.

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