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Originally Posted by steamship View Post
There is one for sale on eBay that has the correct part number (8D0419091T) in the description for a D2, but also gives a list of other OEM part numbers. It mentions it being by Nardi Torino but that means nothing to me. Here's the listing for it:
Thanks mate, I saw that one, but its really over priced, or just expensive. I’ve found one from A6 C5 for 100 and one from A8 D3 for 40. Anyway tomorrow I’m going to test fit the one from D3, so I’ll keep you updated.

EDIT: So I want to confirm that the D3 steering wheel DOES NOT fit to D2 steering rod. The D3 steering wheel got a lot bigger whole.

Now I’ll have to try the one from A6 C5, hopefully it will fit.

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