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Problem solved.
I had ELSA Win installed on my PC. Cost 30. Was supposed to take 4 hours to install, mine took 2 hours.
  1. Took off the fuse box cover (dash end cap driver's side)
  2. Two bolts alongside fuse holders removed
  3. Two bolts under the knee bolster removed.
  4. Pulled the knee bolster out at the top and it dropped down.
  5. PO had connected to ign +ve at the OBD plug and a chassis earth. So I used what he had done but plugged my phone lead into his.
  6. Cut his mini usb cable off above the dash and pulled it all out from the fuse box.
  7. Tested and working so reassembled.
Only took 20 minutes and some of that was down to chatty neighbours.

Then I had a brainwave, OK yes it did hurt. I'm sure I used to have ELSA Win on an old PC that I threw away so had a rummage. Found the CDs and the paperwork. Another 30 wasted. Never mind My lad can put that one on his PC.
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