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Apologies for replying to an old thread - but it seemed very relevant :-)

I'm in the middle of retrofitting a factory swivelling towbar to my 2016 A8L TDI , using the KUFATEC wiring loom, and have a couple of questions .

Having drilled the 40mm holes in the plastic boot lining for access to the inner bolts it seems that the aluminium structure behind has not been machined to allow the bolt to pass through the 'tube' and bolt into the towbar 'arm'. The 'tube' is closed at the far end. Hard to describe really, but anyone who has fitted one of these should understand what I mean :-)

I have drilled out the end with a 14MM drill so that should be OK, but I'm really curious to know if anyone else has come across this as every A8 D4 towbar instruction manual I have found has no mention of this ...

I'm also told that coding has to be done by the dealer .. I can find no instructions .. I asked on the obdeleven forum but had no reply. The KUFATEC loom uses the early pre-facelift controller - and they assure me that this works perfectly with the post facelift cars as the two units are logically the same. So if anyone has experience in coding a pre-facelift car that might be really helpful also !

Thanks in advance for any pointers of info.

2016 A8L SE Exec TDI
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