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with the weather presenting itself all sunny like i didn't mind sitting out in the car with all the doors open and wanting to start the ecu interrogation before remapping the poor thing....

With everything connected up and the main battery connected to a charger to ensure power was maintained i wanted to make sure all ecu communications and cross talk was ok. If the box wouldn't recognise or talk to the ecu then there was no way to even consider going further.
All reading said that the edc16 ecu fitted to the A8 4.2tdi (both master and slave) should be able to be flashed via the OBD port, so hopefully there will be no need to remove the ecu's.... unless i brick them of course lol...

A quick scan with VCDS prior to starting was a worthwhile check.... all good and clear...

it recognises the ecu.... and it has never had any idiot prior to me trying to remap it, so at least i'm not undoing anyone elses work....

it read first the master and then the slave, each ecu read too 15 minutes and i have saved the original files, just incase i brick them and end up with a dead car lol...

next stage.... upgrade time... watch this space...

Current stable.....
07 A8 D3 4.2tdi
07 S5
08 A3 SB 2.0tdi
04 TT 225
98 Fireblade

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