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well i can nicely bring a close to this small project.... brakes all done, bled fantastically.
I nearly got caught on the makeshift paint shop as when SWMBO returned there was 1 small piece of floor i'd forgotten to dust.... she commented on how it was sooooo dusty, she accepted that i said she must have missed a bit hahaha

nicely back down on the ground.... rather than as the last week looking like a Back to the Future reject...!!!

quick road test around the block to make sure all's well and already the pad wear area is bedding in lovely.... this is why i don't mask up the wear surface as it cleans up very quickly.

tomorrow she needs a clean...!!! tenner says it rains hahaha

Current stable.....
07 A8 D3 4.2tdi
07 S5
08 A3 SB 2.0tdi
04 TT 225
98 Fireblade

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