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Originally Posted by JulianHicks View Post
In case it's any use to anyone who understands these things, here is a list of the modules that will get totally [Y] or partially [S] updated going from K942 to P1001.

S MU9411 : IFS-Root, efs-system
Y MuTnrRef : App 529-562
Y MUConsistency : App 1035-1072
Four months on, I can now explain what these updates are.
The MU9411 is the A8 D4 specific 'MainUnit' which is where the MMI system is run. It has Flash memory and a hard disk. Most of the MMI [which is a Unix QNX system] is installed on the Flash; the HD is used for the Nav. Maps and the Jukebox. The Flash is divided into about 6 areas which are updated by overwriting them [flashing them] with a single file. These 'files' are actually sets of Unix filesystems.

So the P1001 update mainly updates two of these areas, IFS-Root & EFS-System, which form the bulk of the MMI code. In traditional Audi style, no write-up is available to say which issues are fixed and what functions are added. In my case, I was just interested in performing an MMI update. [My update to my existing K0942 was done by the dealer].

The other two files updated are minor cross-reference files, once again, the use of which is undocumented.

Now I understand far more about the 3G+ MMI, I decided to update a few days ago; the update was run from SD and only took five minutes from pressing the 'Start' option in the Red Engineering Menu [REM] to the reboot with the new MMI level.

As I type, I've only had it installed 48 hours; no signs of any MMI changes yet but I'll update if I notice anything.

But BTW, it replaced the Navigation activation files so I had to reactivate ......

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