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Post Trying out MMI P1001 ...

I'd always presumed K942 was the last 3G+ MMI but it now appears that there is a recent P1001. I discovered an online source, downloaded it and copied to an 8GB SD card. [I also tried a USB stick via the arm rest but although the MMI seemed to process it, I got a message "The medium is currently unavailable" and I had to cancel]!

I didn't actually perform the update; I just got to the Y/S/N screen, scrolled through to see what was potentially updated and the backstepped to cancel. [I believe updating the MMI deactivates Navigation mapping, so I didn't want to do that just to check out a newer MMI level].

In case it's any use to anyone who understands these things, here is a list of the modules that will get totally [Y] or partially [S] updated going from K942 to P1001.

S MU9411 : IFS-Root, efs-system
Y MuTnrRef : App 529-562
Y MUConsistency : App 1035-1072

Note: Unlike the D3, I don't recognise what these units are, but no Bose Amp update, which I believe is the unit "BoseG3_C7", which had a "N"


BTW I thought only 'factory' levels started "P", but I checked the meta file and it clearly identifies the update as "P1001"
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