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It's great to be on Michelin PS4 on all corners on A6 after my little suspension arm misadventure that damaged tyre as well. So I guess it's good I did not change fronts for PS4 earlier as they have been standing at home for about 3 weeks.

I have been a long term user of second hand premium brands and Michelin have always been my favourite, mostly because they do not loose performance over old age like other top brands. They do loose some but less and more gradually.

Pirelli, Dunlop, Good Year are good when new but 3-4 years old performance just drops off the cliff, you start sliding around and as you are sliding they wear out quickly as well so it's good if you buy new and do a lot of miles but not great if you poodle along 2-3k miles per year.

Continental are a bit better with aging, the last I had from Continental was ContiSport 3 which were inferior to PS2 at the time, never heard anything about CS4, CS5 from what I heard was proper sh@t lot worse than CS3 but the latest CS6 is supposed to be top dog even better than PS4, I still sided with PS4 due to my past experience about ageing even if I do a lot more miles these days.

The grip on Three-A P606 was not bad but PS4 feel so much better in every way. I could go on and on about every way how PS4 is better, I can run them at lower pressure, get more grip, more comfort and more mileage. Last set of Michelin I bought second hand was 7-7.5mm, did 20k miles was still able to sell on ebay, CS3 bought about the same, did 18k miles, was nothing left to sell, was probably challenging the legality as they were very worn on sides.

Michelin tyres seem to bee a lot narrower and a bit higher for the same size so I wish I would have gone 235 wide instead of 225 so that's a consideration to make. It's a narrow tyre with very wide grooves and a little contact area, makes it good for resisting aquaplaning and amazingly still manages to get great grip
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