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You cannot go wrong with Michelins, Primacy is more comfort orientated compared to Pilot sport and can get a bit more mileage, Primacy HP is the comfort high performance option somewhere in-between.

Michelin used to be king couple of years ago with PS2, Continental Contisport 3 at the same time was not as good, I found CS3 decent allrounders but no match for Michelin. Don't know what happened to CS4, never heard of them, have not had CS5 myself but from what I heard it was a huge disappointment compared to CS3. CS6 seem to be getting better scores than PS4 when new but it remains to be seen how they age and in my experience Michelinds have always been best to retain performance as they age and wear while GoodYear, Dunlop, Pirelli are good when new but drop off the cliff 3-4 years old
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