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Default Wheel Bearings & Rear Diff

Hello all,
I have been sitting in the background since I corrected my last problem which was the leaking suspension. This was fixed with your help and I now have a couple of new problems I need help with if I may.

My rear wheel bearings need replacing and I have the SKF kits to do this. I believe that SKF and FAG are the OEM's for these and as I work for SKF it was a no brainer cheap solution. The problem I have is that I have trawled through the D3 Tech Dump and cannot find a procedure for this. I have found a Youtube vid but would like to make sure it has not ommited anything. Can anyone point m in the right direction?

Secondly I have a very audible clunk coming from the rear of the tailshaft when I unload (take foot off accelerator) the drive train and again when I load it back up(accelerating). I have reversed the car up onto ramps climbed under and can turn the drive shaft abou 20-25mm in each direction and get the clunk that I am hearing in cabin. I cannot see if this is occuring in the rear CV/Uni joint or in the diff itself(hope it's not in there) without pulling everthing apart which I cannot do at this stage as I have no alternative transport. Does anyone have any similair experience.

Many thanks in Advance

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