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Default DIY Thru load / Ski hatch

Hello all, as promised here is my guide for the diy thru load on the brand new 2014 258ps Audi A8 3.0 TDI

I do not know if it will work on a 2013 model but you should look if you want the flexibility of thu load.

First go into the boot and remove the trim panel at the rear of the boot. It is just clipped in so put fingers over the top edge and pull it out.

This is it laid down in the boot

You need to remove the tunnel which is behind the rear arm rest.

Lower the armrest and then open the compartment. this reveals two lower bolts which are under little plastic covers. a sharp blade levers them off.

The bolts are torque 25's (the one I've taken out)

Next pull off the top trim

you will see the next two bolts to undo.

This will enable you to remove the tunnel. I can't recall whether I pushed it into the boot or pulled into the rear of the car..

Now you can see right through :-)

I may have pulled it out...

You can see the inner compartment door at the opposite end is a plastic panel cover which is clipped tightly into place. Remove this as it's where the new flappy door clips in. Don't break the holes where the tabs go!!

Take the rear trim panel from the boot into your workshop/garage and cut out the section which is shown. I aligns with the tunnel so don't cut anything else!! I found that the outline which is shown does not leave enough room to fit the flappy door. So I had to go back and essentially cut the hole right to the edges. You'll see what I mean!

You could if you wanted just assemble it back up like this because the arm rest and compartment led close inside the car. The back panel is tidy enough but I decided to fit the proper flappy door.

This is the part number and it cost me about 20

It's the 4HO-885-213- 6PS I think,

The finished job

Shouldn't need to say but I did this myself at my own risk. If you do it then you assume the same risk. I found my Audi dealer really helpful with the part, you may not!!

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