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When I had a D4 that needed an extended stay in the Audi workshop in 2014 & 2015, I have a number of long term loan cars, including several factory fresh new D4's and also two or three well-speced A7's.

The D4 was my benchmark, the A7 was an A6 with makeup! They were lovely, had lots of toys, but somehow missed the mark a little. The rear seats were compromised, the front felt a less nice place to be than the D4 and road noise was clearly increased, even with twin pain glass (in the front only from memory!). The hatchback was a nice novelty, but actually, the storage space wasn't great as randomly I struggled to get the pram in that fitted fine in the D4 (and gets lost in my Q7 now).

I also had a top-spec A6 allroad, which didn't get as much attention as the A7, but was a far nicer place to be - air suspension, quiet and properly practical... That was the car I was sorry to see go back - showed what could be done with the platform!

I think the A7 was designed to sell and appeal to a certain audience, which no doubt it did - but it wasn't for me
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