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HPsause is correct its an A6

i have been looking at A7,s too

this all depends on the engine you select as most have the S-Tronic gearbox

the only one with a proper gearbox is the Bitdi

my advice would be stay clear of the S-Tronic gearbox
if not serviced properly every 40k you could have expensive issues

i see you have a 2016 Q7 with adblue ?
the 2014 A7 is a prefacelift and No adblue

or buy another D4 4.2tdi heres a very low mileage one


lovely spec both have

bare in mind most cars atm are 5000 - ish over priced for the same car for sale in 2020
thats why im waiting as there will be a price crash soon especially with Diesel cars

sell the Q7 and run your D3 tdi for now :-)
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