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Couldnít resist another look at the wiring and good job I did.

Cable had a layer of tape on it which was hard to see initially, on peeling it off I found 2 cables which had previously been soldered and repaired. One loose and one completely split and disconnected.

Have no solder iron and need Car in morning, so had to improvise with a bit of wiring from a light fitting, duct tape, bandage tape and insulating cable. No doubt not fully water tight never mind itís only twisted and taped but hopefully see me until I can get to auto mechanic.

Strange how 3 mechanics missed this... and all were asked and told which wheel it was.

Fault codes cleared in vcds, apart from control module defective; which I am led to believe can be caused by brake output tests in vcds. Apparently this fault can be ignored, time will tell.
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