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Default Belly pans / skid plates

I installed the front two pieces of the belly pans / skid plates. There is a third piece that I did not purchase because I did not know it existed. It's a relatively small piece that covers a very small portion of the transmission pan but mostly the transmission cross member which is just a hunk of aluminium.

Does anyone have experience attaching the third place? I know two screws from the second belly pan will connect to the front of the baffle, 4e0825285a, and the rear will connect to the transmission cross member, 4e0399231n. Or does it attach further back? This part seems like it doesn't protect anything and might be not useful. Also the shape and design of the vent could put stress on the part from the wind.


Transmission cross member,

And for fun, images of the installed front two belly pans, brand new! They weren't cheap! From the dealer, they were about two thirds the cost of a set of tires!

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