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Very useful Ainars. And on studying them a fairly simple correlation:
Basically contacts 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 and 8 are the same between both types. Pin 6 however is unused on the 10-pin so it has 9.
6&7 on the 8-pin are 9&10 on the 10-pin (P/N signal which is faulty on my car).
1&8 is the reversing light circuit on the 8-pin, so shares pin 1 with other functions. It's separated out onto pins 7&8 on the 10-pin.

It looks like pin 1 has battery voltage on both types plus pin 7 on the 10-pin (to supply the reversing light).
So rewiring shouldn't be too difficult. Unless there are separate fuses on the two power supplies in the later loom.

Additionally I note that:
S is equivalent to 4th gear. (As you'd probably expect)
Pin 2 says "Car in P, N or D".
Pin 3 says "Car in R, N or 4/S".
Pin 4 says "Car in N, D, 4/S or 2".
Pin 5 says "Car in D, 4/S or 3".
I assume this is some sort of 4-bit binary coding picked up by the TCU. I'll work out what it is shortly, unless a younger IT brain beats me to it!

Basically I think pins 2 to 5 tell the TCU what gear has been selected. Pin 1 is presumably power.
The other section of pins control the starter relay and power the reversing light. Both pretty directly, no ECUs involved.
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