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Mine is ASE engine code on 141K Ive had it since february and have done 5-6K miles. It's gone from occasional clatter on start-up, occasional ticking on idle to clatter on most start-ups and always ticking on idle. I had initially thought that the ticking was a lazy hydraulic tappet on cylinder four but all evidence points to tensioners.

I'd be pulling the engine myself although I'm going to look into taking the front of the car off. Every other Audi Ive had the whole front end came off and I'm convinced i can do the same with this one. Even if there are parts of the space frame that go along the front of the engine, once the bumper is off, radiator and AC condensor, fans and top rail are off surely there would be sufficient room to change the timing chain etc?

That's interesting that you were four hours labour for changing the starter. Do you know what was involved? I still havent had a chance to investigate under the car to have a look. I'm off to mallorca for the weekend tomorrow for the fiesta de san juan so wont get a chance until next weekend at the earliest. At best I reckon the cat on the relevant side will need removing, probably much more. I'll be getting my new lathe in a couple of weeks so will be able to clean up the commutator etc nicely when i get the starter out.

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