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Originally Posted by Sit down, Waldo View Post
Whole ULEZ thing's a puzzler. Mine left the factory January 2001 & was registered April 2001. Y plate. It's Euro 3 & the minimum compliance is Euro 4. But according to TfL the only thing I'd have to pay for is the congestion charge.
This is covered in the other thread we had recently. The FL2 A8 is Euro4 and so is compliant with the ULEZ. The FL2 S8 is indeed Euro3, however the DVLA originally registered the S8 as a sub-model of the A8 which appears to have ended up with them classifying it as Euro4, either because of a mistake or a technical limitation of the system which runs such things (gnomes in a dungeon in Swansea carving information in to stone tablets with toothpicks).
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