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After reading a bit on here, Tried the car again. No change.

Shut it down, restarted and tried it in Sport mode only. So selected 1 and moved off. box changed up through the gears as requested properly, and changed down properly too. I then reversed to turn. All ok.

Put the thing in "D" and drove home with the autobox working normally and no red lights.

So must be an intermittant F125 fault maybe?

Hopefully not a gonner yet!

Edit to add MikkiJayne, I missed your reply, but interested to see what you think now.
I can't easily scan it for codes as don't have the kit here. Don't think the TCU is wet as its hot here and hasnt rained for weeks. We are in Bulgaria now.

In "D" (when the fault was happening) it started in first, then changed to limp mode gear when it should have been changing to second- but now the thing is back to normal. So whatever caused the problem has gone away!

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