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Default Red lights come on and stay on.

Car is a 2000 model FL S8. 148,000 miles and driven gently by me for the last 10 years.

Today, which was hot c.37c, just as we moved off, the car made a thump and all the 'PRNDL432' lights went red.

Car drives and reverses but no kiickdown and the autobox isn't changing as it used to. It wont kick down or even change down, I think and 'Sport mode' isn't working.

If I switch off, it starts normally and moves off ok (in first I expect) but the change up to second is accompanied by a thump and then the red lights come on and stay on.

Once the lights are on, selecting a "D" or "R" while stationary is accompanied by the same thump.

Is my car a gonner?

edit. Reading through other threads, reverse seems to precede this sort of thing. In my case. all was normal as I reverse parked. The problem first occurred 10 mins later when I drove out of the parking spot.

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