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Its under the rear shelf trim panel in the cabin, between it and the sheet metal.

Rear seat base out - two screws under flaps in the footwell carpet.

Rear seat backrest out - two screws at the base plus two m6 bolts underneath the centre rear headrest, behind the leather flap at the base of it. Also remove the seatbelts and flip them over on to the shelf to make it easier. Then lift the backrest up 1" each side and tip forward. A second person is helpful to lift it out.

Then speakers out and two plastic rivets at the base of each quarter window and the shelf slides forwards. You can get to the buzzer without removing the shelf from the car - just drop it down where the seat backrest was, with the belts still in it.

If you have a rear blind then there are three 10mm nuts under the shelf, accessible from inside the boot. I would recommend removing the D-pillar trim panels to get a blind out cleanly without damaging anything but thats a whole order of magnitude more work.
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