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Fog lights do have a reflector (or reflective material) on the inside of the housing.

2 possible solutions -

1.. Purchase UK RHD foglamp housing from our forum sponsors. Hopefully this will come with a bulb, lampholder and some wiring to tap in to. This gives you a proper fog lamp. (as long as you can stomach the shipping cost, duties etc on entry to the US)

2.. Split the existing lamp and fabricate a fog lamp of sorts. I used to do this in my days of importing cars directly from Japan where they have no fog lamps at all. The easiest solution was to apply spray glue to the inside of the housing and apply tin foil (shiny side out) to the housing and fit a 21W bulb. Reassemble housing with a hot melt glue gun to ensure it was sealed against water ingress and refit. It wasn't perfect but every one passed the MOT (annual vehicle test) here in the UK and looked better than a $5 aftermarket lamp bolted to the rear fender.

Hope this helps

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