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Originally Posted by steamship View Post
It won't help with the water ingress issue, but the part number for the covers is 4E0863283. However, the price is 7 and that might be 'each'.
That's a steal at 7 a piece haha, some crazy prices but I might just have to get them cheers for the part number. I did some digging in the boot to try and find the problem, the outer tail light seal wasn't set right (I resealed the light few months back). Another thing it could be I had the windscreen replaced last May by autoglass due to a crack and since then I had condesation in the car and really noticed it more last few weeks freezing over inside. I had autoglass refit it in January and the fitter noticed it hadn't bonded at the top but still have the issue, getting them out again to check, no wet carpets so I'm guessing it's still the windscreen.
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