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Hello all,

Just wanted to say a massive public thanks to those who ordered a box of our wines over Christmas. We did really well with the exercise overall and for me personally it's a real privilege to have this forum of friends available as a potential market. Thanks again to Ian for allowing the commercial post and, of course, thanks to the A8 Parts team for hosting our forum in the first place.

Happy to take PM enquiries ongoing if you fancy a custom case of fine wine. Or just Plonk - we do that too

Happy 2021 and hopefully meet some of you in person at some point this year!
2000 FL A8 3.7 QS - Turned 21 years old on 15th March 2021. Ming Blue - 175k miles. I love having a 90's car worthy of 90L of 98 RON! If only they still did 4* fully leaded!

2009 A8 4.2 FSi LWB - Marine Blue - 164k miles. Extras? Too many to list. But I do like the Rear Seat Entertainment . . . . . .

477k miles to the moon and back. 238k to go and between them they'll have made it!
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