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Hi MikkiJayne

No you don't! But my family and I all have one! My Dad has a '98 1.8T saloon, and my Mum has a 1.9TDI Final Edition Avant too. Obviously we just love them!

I bought this one recently, and I've done so much work to get it to a decent standard, and she's going in for paint soon which I'm very excited about!

That's right, they are physically interchangeable and the wheel itself mounts fine, it is just the wiring.

Well we were looking at doing that, but couldn't be sure about which wire was for what! So there were 4 black wires for the original wheel, 2 to the airbag, and the other two for the horn. On the sport wheel, there are 5 wires coming out of 4 pins, so two wires out of one of those pins. They're all black bar one, which is brown. As usual, 2 blacks to the airbag, and then 2 backs to the wheel, and a brown. What worried me was in trying to splice them that I might confuse canbus communication and cause an irreversible fault of some sort! I'll get some photos at some point and make it a bit clearer!
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