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Default Fitting an A4 B6 steering wheel to an A6 C5?!

Hi guys

It's been sometime since I was last here, but I return many Audi's later with a curious query! First off though, I would like to say I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and sincerely wish you all an amazing 2021. Whoever you might be, you'll deserve it!

On to my quandary. I have a 2005 C5 A6 Avant 1.9TDI Final Edition. It has a standard SE spec steering wheel, not MFSW, and neither am I aiming to fit one. I am however, hoping to fit a sport steering wheel. I successfully acquired one from a B6 A4 in the colour I was after, but the airbag connection and setup within the wheel itself seems quite different. The A6 airbag and horn are wired into the airbag assembly, and connect to the car with a single row yellow plug. The sport steering wheel has double row yellow plug, and wiring into the steering wheel itself. Has anyone made this conversion before and/or give me any advice at all?!

I was so sure it would be plug and play, and I've seen so many steering wheels for sale that are advertised as being applicable to the A6 C5 and B6 am I missing something?!

Looking forward to any assistance anyone might be able to give me, and many thanks in advance!

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