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Originally Posted by moltuae View Post
Wouldn't that require a microphone near the source of the noise though?

Noise cancelling headphones have a microphone outside of the headphones, which is amplified, inverted and then subtracted from the signal that drives the headphones. Doing something similar to reduce cabin noise would surely require microphones that are external to the cabin, otherwise you'd create some kind of noise cancellation loop that perpetually removes and re-adds the noise.
the HU has a built in microphone and I can also add one to the dome light, I will try it as-is for now and report back. I suppose the microphone would hear the actual cabin/tyre noise from inside the car, and then cancel it out with the speakers, the newest A8 has this technology too. And I suppose if a lot of the noise doesn't get inside the car, it would make sense to only work with whatever's left getting inside.
The only way to find out is to try it haha.
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