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Hello everyone.

So a lot of months later, and a lot of things going on with my A4 Cabrio.

Put her in for the MOT last week, and she failed on the first go, however it was a simple fix in that she needed a headlight levelling motor. She now has full MOT until September 2021 with no advisories.

The miles have been racking up, and in my ownership its done more than 3 years of mileage at the previous rate of increase, now has 105K miles, up from 89K when I bought her.

Issues to date,

Several leaks in the vacuum system led to unmetered air entering the intake and excessive crankcase vacuum leading to high oil consumption. All fixed myself for not much outlay, just time.

Engine light LED had been tampered with to mask the issues mentioned above as the CEL should have been on, but clearly was not. Again fixed by me, took cluster apart and replaced the CEL LED with the one from the TPM position as my B6 does not have TPM.

Both rear springs were broken, and one rear damper had failed. Had both rear springs and dampers replaced at an Audi Specialist in Dorset.

Was not expecting the headlight levelling motor, but that was an easy fix by the MOT station, they fitted a new motor.

Next on the list.

Cambelt kit and water pump and
Replacement roof most likely from
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