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Originally Posted by The_Laird View Post
A little while ago, I took a trip to Andyís place (pre coronavirus days) to buy roof bars. He let me have a drive in his TT - thatís why I bought one! His is a really nice, tight car, and I was instantly struck. After an 8 month search, I found a fully specced TTS in Glasgow, which needed some work, but I love it! Thanks Andy ��
Your welcome and glad you got sorted

5 years of ownership and not much has gone wrong to be honest (change the oil and filters every 6k miles)

Current cars:

Ford Focus ST-2 Mk3 (the wifes)

1972 T2 Bay Window Camper (Slow)


Gone but not forgotten

Audi TT Mk1 225 - now with coil-overs and a 7inch touchscreen infotainment centre

2003 A8 Sport 4.2 (with ACC & LPG) (Feed up with all the issues so passed it on to a forum member)

2000 A8 FL QS 4.2 (with RNS-E - Nice) (Engine poorly so sold on to be brought back by someone who has the time)
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