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I have driven a couple of TDi models and they are a very different beast from my FSI.

You drive them on the torque and they are grunty in such a light car. TDI90 mapped gives a decent chunk of torque and is a swift car, 3 cylinders also which is quite different and clever. In pure terms the FSI is fastest if driven hard but a diesel will still cover the ground well and be even faster with a map.

I went for the FSI as I like the nature of the car and you have to work it a little. My trips in it our only a couple of miles so the petrol was more suited to what I wanted from the car.

Depends really on what you want and how you intend to drive the car around on a daily basis. TDI will give more economy of course but it’s not an engine you would take pleasure from taking to the Rev limit, the FSI is just a simple four cylinder but i take an old school enjoyment from using all the revs. Diesels do need to be looked after a little more and a little more complex.

I would recommend looking and driving a couple of A2s to see what suits you engine wise. Some owners love to map the diesels and hypermile the hell out of them for example.
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