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I just picked up the car from the gearbox place.

It is a totally different machine to drive. So smooth. Seriously smooth.

The rev hunting on the overrun has vanished. The gears downshifting are not noticeable as the car slows to a stop.

I was told the internal seals were incredibly worn, and this would cause many issues as the clutchpacks cannot get the correct fluid amounts due to internal leaking.

However, it is all done now. Recommend these parts are changed every 100,000 klms.


04 A8 - 4.2 Sport

Indigo Leather Sports Seats - Sports wheel - Sports Air Suspension
Auto Boot - Double Glazing - AMI - Solar roof
TV - Bose - Voice Control - TPMS - AFS- TINT
Power Blind, Fingerprint - Light package (in and out)

OEM Auto headlights & rain sensing wipers
OEM Bluetooth phone
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Reverse Camera
OEM Aluminium Package
Auto boot close using remote/door button
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