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I bought a 2010 car at just under three years old, on collection I found corrosion on the tailgate lid. Was an approved used car so there was no question they would need to rectify, but it was done under the corrosion warranty as the paint was original.

In the end, I had a new boot lid, two new door skins, and corrosion on the other two doors, two front wings and also the A pillar/roof repaired. As it was done piecemeal it looked like a patchwork quilt in the end, but to be fair they fixed that by painting the full car

I know that a lot of the work was goodwill/dealer funded, but it was right when done

I looked at a number of other D4's at the time, as I was under the impression I had bought a lemon - lots of a similar age showed signs of similar problems. I came to the conclusion I was better with the car I had as Audi seemed bought into putting it right, and may not have been on another car.

Suspicion in the body-shop was a bad batch of cars of a similar age, speculation of a assembly line shutdown (breakdown/shortage of parts) may have left a number of bodies without paint, possibly for weeks!?

Good luck in any case
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