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Hi, I will get some pics sorted - it's currently wet, cold and grim here in the northwest, so will wait for a break in the weather (could be months ).
I've seen some mention of corrosion on early D4s on this forum some time back.
I was aware of the corrosion when I bought the car a few weeks ago, but, wasn't put off by this as it can be dealt with.
It goes without saying you shouldn't expect to find ANY corrosion on these vehicles, but, I was won over by the other merits of the car.
I also still have my D3, which suffered corrosion on the lock trim above rear no plate and one of the roof runner strips. I dealt with these myself and now that D3 has no corrosion any where.
I'm enjoying D4 ownership but am in no rush to ged rid of the D3. Both cars benefit on the 4.2tdi engine - which is amazing!
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