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For a pre-2014 car you need the following:
  • OEM tow bar (
  • Button (
  • "Trailer" ECU (p/n 4H0 907 383 C -
  • Kufatec Loom
  • Possibly an additional fuse strip if you want a full OEM install (Dealer)
  • Bolts (Dealer)

The ECU sits between the boot and the rear seat bench to the left of the ski hatch, kufatec supply outline installation instructions with the loom.

I can help with coding if you need it, but be aware that the coding will get reset when it goes to the dealer - easily reset or you if you can get a friendly dealer to add "KF7 - Coding for trailer hitch" to the PR codes for your car.

Post-facelift have different part numbers for the ECU, need a different loom and installation instructions, but the actual towbar and button are the same. I have a post-facelift ECU in the garage
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