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Be careful. My D4 had a dead battery in December after an extended stay in the garage, Audi assist diagnosed it was dead (~2v) and jumped it to get me home.

The next day the supplying dealer agreed to replace, but as they were a distance away and it was the week before Christmas agreed to pay a more local dealer to do the work. They were useless and never got in touch, and so with the agreement of the original dealer I bought a battery form Halfords and fitted it myself.

All was well, the car starts again. But for some time after I have had a number of electrical gremlins, after much trouble shooting including factory support the current thinking is that the battery needed coding and they couldn't do so with non-OEM, they replaced the battery again and now are going to replace the BCM (batter control module) as they suspect that is at fault (possibly from the jump start by Audi assist!?).

For reference, the dealer quote for a replacement battery fitted and coded was 300 - so twice the supply only cost of the battery, but possibly a small price to pay for piece of mind!?

Edited to say - not much info on coding a D4 battery I could find last year, suspect it is similar to the D3 but not the same!
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