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Just shy of 100 of your earth pounds for 2/3ds of a tank of esso 99 today (no choice, only other stations in the area were moggysons and asdada and they only sell e10) I’m going to be in the poor house begging for gruel at this rate *sob*

PF late '97 D2 2.8 Aluminium Silver. Solar roof, Full Heated Leather, Double Glazing, 17" wheels, Sports Steering Wheel, Cruise, Blinds, Bose sound.

Fiat Tipo diseasel econobox with all the buttons and none of the soul that now does all the heavy lifting.

Ford Capri Laser: noisy, slow, thirsty, bouncy, no buttons but it always sounds like it’s REALLY trying and I can’t help but chuckle when it parps and boings along. And people of a certain age stare at it with a wistful look in their eyes that clearly says…I had one of them. And I sold it because of the kids
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