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Default Sunroof, scuttle, sunroof & A/C drains?

Peering around under the bonnet earlier today I noticed what looked like water pooling on the n/s/f scuttle adjacent to the bonnet damper under the plastics through a small gap illuminated by the torch on my iPhone!

I would have thought with the various models, revisions etc. that Audi might have actually solved the problem by now!

So before anything untoward happens where are the drains located on the D4?

Is it like my D3 where the drains exit behind the wheel arch liners?

Planning ahead it would be good not only to clean the scuttle drains but sunroof drains also as I have two sunroofs on this car!

And not wishing to get wet carpets is it any easier to access the a/c drains on the D4 than it was on earlier models?

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