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Originally Posted by Conquistador View Post
Do you not think a significant amount of X owners will sway towards the Y as well?

UK buyers are now accustomed to that commanding SUV driving position, and that's only been offered at a price in excess of 100,000... until now.

Is it fair to see it as a 'mini X'?
Yes. Although - as you pointed out, it's at a completely different - mass market-ish - price point. The Model X really is a bit of a niche product, and the general consensus is the Y will be Tesla's biggest seller across Europe.

For me, the issue is less about cannibalising Model 3 sales (which it will do, but not to a large extent, IMO), but more about it attracting non-Tesla owners to an SUV product.

This is a really key segment in the UK, and there are a number of other SUV EVs starting to be offered by competitors - e.g. the wife of a Model S buddy of mine has just taken delivery of a Q4 e-tron (the first 'decent' Audi EV, in my opinion) - though he's expecting to swap that out for a Model Y when that arrives in the right form.

So it's good to have some decent choice, at last!

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