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Originally Posted by ainarssems View Post
I am quite the opposite, I avoid full sweep, just do the pressure bleed. It seems lot of cars don't get regular brake fluid changes so the moisture in fluid causes either corrosion or crud build-up in the normally not swept area of master cylinder and when you do bleeding pressing brake cylinder all the way it either scratches the seals or picks up debris and you end up with leaking master cylinder seals or sticking cylinder that does not fully return.
And itís fine that you are.... however Iíd rather be safe in the knowledge Iíve fully evacuated all air from my braking system. If further down the line it creates an issue which requires repair, then itíll get repaired rather than masked over.
In all my years Iíve never had an issue doing it how I do and my brakes have always had a great pedal...

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